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From Your Hillsdale HOA Board of Directors

February 8, 2019

Notice of General Meeting                                                             

Dear Homeowners,

We will be holding a general meeting for all homeowners on 12 March 2019 at Lifespring Church, 174 N. Star Rd, Star at 6:30 PM. It is extremely important that all homeowners be represented at the meeting. The following critical items will be discussed:

  1. Willowbrook Development 
  1. Current status
  2. Importance of continued involvement
  3. Proposed path forward, potential costs
  1. Financials
  1. Budget
  2. Current cash flow and a path forward for financial stability
  3. Current status of the Well Fund and the Emergency Fund
  1. Water System
  1. Well maintenance program
  2. Plan for improving and upgrading our well and water system
  3. Funding the improvements and upgrades
  1. The Necessity to Replenish Our Emergency Fund
  1. Importance of the Emergency Fund
  2. Discuss options for replenishing the Emergency Fund

It is essential for the homeowners to be informed of the above and have an opportunity to provide input. We strongly encourage all homeowners to attend.

Last week we sent out a letter through our electronic notification system to all the e-mail addresses on file. If you did not receive the email, please provide your e-mail address to Riverside Management at If you prefer to receive a paper copy of everything that we send out electronically still let Riverside know your e-mail address, but that you wish to receive a hard copy of all messages that go out. 


Your HOA Board

January 3, 2019

Dear Owners:

The new 2019 coupon books were delayed due to changing printers for the coming year. This change was made to save the HOA money, approximately $600.00. Hopefully, this hasn’t inconvenienced anyone. If you mailed your payment in without a new coupon, it will be properly credited to your account.

We recently mailed out a notice explaining the need for the HOA dues increase of $9.96. The new dues amount is $168.00

There hasn’t been a dues increase since 2008 and ALL costs have continued to increase.

As a result of ALL OF THE ABOVE, the Board of Directors of Hillsdale Estates Subdivision voted to increase the dues as minimally as possible to ensure that Hillsdale Estates continues to operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

There have been some questions regarding the increase in dues, with one homeowner referring to Section 6C of the CC&Rs and the 2/3 requirement in that section. That section describes special and new assessments. Section 2C1 is the section regarding increasing existing dues.

Should you have any questions regarding the dues increase, please feel free to contact a Board member through the Hillsdale Estates or Riverside Management Company websites.


Your Board of Directors

Hillsdale Estates

October 17, 2018

Hillsdale Estates has a new Board of Directors. Following is a list of the board members and their positions:
Richard Moore, President
Future Development Committee
Chris Todd, Vice President
Duane Bygum, Board Member
Architecture Control Committee (ACC)
Brenda Durgin, Board Member
Water Committee
Kim Sullivan, Board Member
Finance / Secretary

If you need to contact the Hillsdale Estates Board of Directors please send an email to


The Board of Directors is currently looking for residents to volunteer their time. There are four different committees. Each one of these committees is an important part of Hillsdale Estates. Each will be set up individually by the board member.
Richard Moore - Future Development Committee
The Future Development Committee will be monitoring the future development to ensure compliance with the Development Agreement and to keep the board informed. We need people to interact with Sewer and Water, Ada County and Canyon County Highway Districts, and other organizations as the development progresses.
Duane Bygum - ACC
The Architecture Control Committee is looking for residents that would be able to review ACC requests and compare those requests to the CC&R requirements. Committee members must be able to respond in a timely manner; usually within a few days. Committee members should be customer service oriented and have good communication skills, both verbal and written. Committee members need to be flexible and find common ground on ACC issues.
Brenda Durgin - Water Committee
We are looking for individuals who are willing to volunteer some of their time to be on our Hillsdale Estates Water Committee. The water committee will meet as needed to discuss the challenges we face with all things pertaining to water, to include: pumps, motors, treatments, maintenance and planning. We would love to have some individuals who can share their expertise or experience with water systems to be on the committee.
Kim Sullivan - Financial Committee
The Finance Committee needs just one or two volunteers to help keep track of financial reports. Riverside Management handles the main part of accounts payables and receivables. If you have an accounting background please consider volunteering some of your time.
If you are interested in volunteering your time to any of these committees please send an email with your information to .
Back flow testing has been done.
Please send in an additional $22.50 with your next HOA dues payment for having your backflow device checked by Valley Hydro.


Dear Owners:

The following explanation of the need for amending the CC&Rs was sent from Victor Villegas of Borton-Lakey Law and Policy, who was hired by Hillsdale Estates HOA to review and draw up documents regarding the amendment:

"HOA’s historically fined for CC&R violations whether the authority to do so was clearly defined or not. With the passage of Idaho Code Section 55-515 the Idaho legislature wanted to make sure the authority to fine was clearly set out in an HOA’s CC&Rs. So does Hillsdale’s CC&Rs allow the HOA to do fines? Yes and No.

Article XI of the CC&R allow for corrective measures to be taken by the HOA for violations of the Architectural Control standards (e.g. review and approval of all building improvements on lots). In fact, Article XI has specific rules defining a 30-day notice of non-compliance by the Architectural Control Committee followed by an additional 45-days to comply after the Board makes a decision. Thereafter the CC&Rs allow the HOA to remove the non-compliance or remedy the non-compliance. See Article XI, Section 7.3. The expenses incurred for remedying the non-conformance are passed onto the Owner and if not promptly repaid, the HOA is empowered to levy a limited assessment against the Owner. A Court would most likely look at that assessment as a fine.

It important to note that Article XI only speaks to enforcing compliance with the CC&Rs relative to improvements/structures on Lots (which is the common issue that most HOA’s deal with when enforcing CC&Rs). There is however no similar provision for other CC&R violations. For example, what if an Owner decides to operate a drilling operation or garbage dump on their Lot? Both are expressly prohibited in the CC&Rs. See Article IX, Section C and Section L. In those instances, the CC&Rs do not allow the HOA to issue fines, but that does not mean the HOA is powerless.

The HOA’s only recourse under that circumstance is to file a lawsuit to enforce the CC&Rs, since it can’t levy a fine against the Owner as a first step. Here are the disadvantages to resorting to litigation first:

· The cost of the litigation is charged to all the homeowners until the lawsuit is finished, which could take over a year; Assuming the HOA prevails it is only at that point the HOA can request an award of attorney fees from the Court;

· Lawsuits are expensive; and

· There is no 30 day grace period for an Owner to remedy the CC&R violation. As mentioned above, if the HOA had the power to impose fines, it could use that process first before resorting to costly litigation.

By adding language taken directly from Idaho Code 55-515, the Owners are giving the HOA the power to levy a fine for CC&R violations not expressly covered in Article XI and, at the same time the CC&Rs are brought into compliance with Idaho law that requires a 30-day due process procedure before a fine can be imposed."


Thank you,

Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA President 2017/2018


To All Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

The HOA counsel has just received the written findings from the City, and is completing the transcript of the hearing on the Reconsideration of the WB Application. The Board will be evaluating the recommendations of the HOA counsel after she completes her analysis later this week. Therefore, the meeting on Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at the Flats will only be an informational meeting. Whether or not there will be a vote will depend on the HOA’s counsel’s recommendation and the Board’s decision of whether it is in the best interest of the HOA to proceed under the terms of the HOA governing documents.


Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOS Board President 2017/2018

To All Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

Annexation Discussion.. "To continue pursuing legal action or not to pursue".


Discussion with Hillsdale's attorney JoAnn Butler this

Thursday August 23, 2018 at The Flats at 7:00 pm
We as a community need to make a decision to pursue legal action or not (JoAnn will give us the exact day we would need to file), and we need to weigh the pro's and con's of our decision. JoAnn will be reviewing the transcripts of last Wednesday and last Friday's City Council meetings and their decisions regarding the Annexation. The City Council did approve the reconsideration.
Please bring your questions and be prepared to vote.
See everyone Thursday.
Kristy Micak
Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018



To All Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners The landscape water turn on is scheduled for

12:01 am 8/17/2018

The motor and pump will be installed later this afternoon and then the system will need to be flushed.

Please follow your odd/even watering schedules. We DO NOT need a low pressure event so by following the schedule we will avoid this situation.

Priority Landscaping will be turning the common areas on Monday morning 8/20/2018. The stables will be turned on Tuesday 8/21/2018

Thank you all for your support of our community in this trying time.

Respectfully, Kristy Micak

HOA Board President 2017/2018


To All Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

Well update for Monday, August 13, 2018

The motor that is coming from Texas should be here tomorrow (8/14/2018) around 12:00 noon. If it’s not here by noon then it will arrive Wednesday (8/15/2018) in the A.M.

The pump was examined and found to be in great shape so we do not need to replace it. (Awesome news!!!)

Tom has scheduled resetting the pump for Wednesday A.M. based on the motor arriving tomorrow afternoon. If it’s not here tomorrow then Tom will reschedule for Thursday morning (8/15/2018).

The well is being treated tomorrow for the iron bacteria. From what I understand the well will need to be flushed for about half a day and then we will be back up and running.

Thank you all for your patience. This has been a difficult situation for all of us but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

See everyone tomorrow and if not tomorrow then Wednesday evening at Lifesprings Church for the Willowbrook reconsideration meeting.


Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018


Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

I have scheduled Tom from Valley Hydro to hold a Q & A meeting at the main pump house on Deep Canyon (across from the big field on Deep Canyon and Star Ridge) this Tuesday 8/14/2018. I've scheduled two times in order to be available for all homeowners to attend. First meeting is 12:00 noon and the second is 7:00 pm.

Please bring a chair if you need to sit.

He will be explaining the system, why we are on mandatory landscape water shut off and answer your concerns.


Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018


To All Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

The new motor is on its way from Texas. Projected arrival day is Monday if all goes well in the shipping process.

The old motor is being taken apart and the pump is getting cleaned. We will find out whether the old motor is fixable or not Monday afternoon.

That’s all I know for now. I will send out an update Monday afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018



To ALL Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

As of this morning (8/10/2018)……

The pump and motor have been removed from the main well. The findings are that the motor failed. The amount of iron bacteria on the pipes and around the motor seem to be the reason for the failure. The HOA Board of Directors have approved the purchase of a new motor. The supplier is located in Texas. This is the closest supplier that had our motor available. I will let everyone know later today when it’s on the truck and in route to Hillsdale. I’ll also give everyone the expected arrival day.

We are also getting a quote to repair the old motor. If it is cost effective we will fix it and have it on stand by in case this situation were to arise again.

Tom will be chemically treating the well before the new motor is put into place.

I will know more later today when I get more information from Tom and post another ENS around 5:00 pm

Also, the mandatory no landscape watering is still in place.

Talk too all in a few hours,

Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018


To ALL Hillsdale Estates and Star Ridge Homeowners,

From Tom Mehiel, Valley Hydro,

“Quick review of where we are… I don’t see any way we won’t be out at least a week, possibly longer.

The station has held its own overnight and the reservoir level has maintained very well. I talked to the Star Fire Chief and let him know the situation. As we stand, fire service should not be affected if the usage doesn’t go up causing the reservoir level to go down. We can let folks know that watering sensitive flowers and such with a hose should be acceptable. We just can’t have sprinklers coming on.

Riverside Pump Co. is scheduling with Intermountain Crane to pull the pump tomorrow (Friday August 10, 2018).

Riverside will have their serviceman at the Station first thing this morning (Thursday August 9, 2018) to trouble shoot and be sure the issue is not above ground before we pull the pump. Riverside Pump Co. found that the issue is with the pump and not above ground (as of 2:30 pm today 8/9/2018).

I’ll discuss with him, any possible causes for the failure but we probably won’t know anything until the pump comes out.

After the pump and motor come out, we’ll assess both. The pump should be ok/rebuildable but the motor most likely needs to be replaced. CH Spencer is getting info on cost & availability of both.

I have a camera company coming after the pump is pulled. We need to see the condition of the well including if the iron bacteria has migrated into the new well. If it has migrated then a peroxide treatment will be done before the pump is put back in the ground.”

Please keep your sprinklers off until further notice.

I’ll be giving daily updates on our progress excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you all for helping out and being mindful of our temporary situation.


Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018


To ALL Hillsdale Estates Homeowners,

This is MANDATORY……there will be NO landscape watering until further notice. Our main pump went out Tuesday evening at 8:30pm. We have Tom and his team working on getting it back up and running but it is going to take a few days. Hopefully if we stop landscape watering we will have enough pressure from our other pumps to compensate for household use only. If we do not comply we may need to be on boil water notice alert.

Please do your part.


Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018


Hillsdale Watering Schedule

Please see emergency comments from Tom Mehiel of Valley Hydro:

"We had an alarm from the station this morning. The Upper Reservoir was below 5 ft. The shutdown level is at 4 ft. When the reservoir level reaches 4 ft, all the booster pumps will shut down and we may have a low pressure incident and a boil water order. We’ve been getting down near 7 ft in the last couple weeks so I’ve been worried about it.

The usage in the system has continued to increase at night where last night it peaked at near 1600 gpm and continued near there for a few hours. The maximum we can fill is around 1450gpm. From that 1450, we are running 300gpm into the creek, so we’re only filling at around 1150gpm. When the demand is near 1600, the reservoir drops pretty quickly.

Usage appears to have returned to the levels we were seeing before we instituted the odd/even split day watering schedule. Too many homes are not following the schedule and we’re seeing the drastic swing from mid day to mid night.

I've noticed that even days are worse than odd days. I’ve also noticed that many folks are not watering on the appropriate odd or even day as I drive through the subdivision.

Please click here for the watering schedule.




This Tuesday the City is reviewing in a Public Meeting (public input allowed) the City Planners recommendations for a Comp Plan Change. The details and a copy of the agenda and council packet is in the link below. It is hard to tell if they will just collect input from the community and think about it or vote that night. If you have not given you input to the City or the City Planner now is, you time. You can e-mail the Star City Clerk, Cathy Ward at and ask that it be added or attend the meeting and give your input at the meeting. E-mail must be in by Monday, so it will make the packet update.

While many say the City does not listen they are starting to since the lost in court on the Crystal Springs apartments at Hwy 44 and 16 and now have to wait a year before starting over. The applicant TJ Angstman then sued the City and the Heron River folks who sued the city and his case was just thrown out by the judge. Then the folks in Hillsdale filed a Reconsideration on the 1500-acre annexation into northern ADA and Canyon County and the City backed down and agreed to open that annexation again. So, People (3) City (0).

Please think about attending (once again) or e-mailing the City to let them know what you think about what has been proposed or you position on the Comp Plan Expansion. You can also follow updates on Star Community Updates FB page.

PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS IN STAR. All in the Community should understand the plans for their City. Agee or not we all have a share in what happens to Star. (OVER 2,400 folks tracking on SCU FB Page)

Thank You,

Gary D. Smith, Founder

Star Community Updates



JULY 24 7:00 TO 10:00 pm

Special Council Meeting RE Comprehensive Plan/Amendment

Lifespring Christian Church

174 N Star Rd, Star, Idaho 83669

To Hillsdale Estates homeowners,

Please attend the special meeting regarding the Star comprehensive plan meeting. It’s important that we as a community have our concerns heard. We’re making progress but we still need your help by attending these meetings.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board of Directors



Good Morning Hillsdale Neighbors,

A friendly reminder to attend the Annexation meeting at

LifeSprings Church, 174 N. Star Road next Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

Please arrive early to find parking.


This is very important to our neighborhood and our way of life.

Power in numbers.



Kristy Micak

Hillsdale Estates HOA Board President 2017/2018



Afternoon Hillsdale Residents,

Please read the article regarding last night’s Star Compressive Plan meeting.

To all that were in attendance, I thank you.

Kristy Micak

Hillsdale BOD President 2017/2018


Please see the link below to view the Star Comprehensive Plan Proposed Northerly Expansion Open House and Public Hearing Notice.

The neighborhood meeting is scheduled for March 27, 2018 at LifeSprings Church at 6:30 pm, and the Public Hearing is scheduled for April 19, 2018 at LifeSprings Church at 6:30 pm.