Homeowner Association

As a resident of Hillsdale Estates, you can visit the Homeowner Association (HOA) page by clicking the "Account Login" or "Sign Up" in the upper, right corner. You will find additional information on the neighborhood as well as details regarding the current HOA Board and Committees.


With over 1800 acres, Hillsdate Estates in Star, Idaho is one of the most prestigous home developments in the area. Nestled among the ridges and valleys outside city limits, the entrace to Hillsdale is beautifully landscaped and provides just the right amount of seclusion required for a development of this caliber. The community is dispersed among one and two acre lots, each one bordering open and/or community space.

The natural space consists of open ridges and valleys that represent over 75% of the total development. The landscape contains woody forms of vegetation, grasses, and wildflowers. The intent was not only to improve the appearance, but also to provide habitat for upland game. The availability of water within the Hillsdale community greatly enhances this natural landscaping.